About us

Hi there! We’re Horacio and Maddie – welcome to our blog. These are the articles that we wished someone wrote when we were digging through the web looking for information about kizomba.

Horacio & Maddie 🎵Bonga - Ginica @Sydney International Afro Kizomba Festival 2021

Maddie and I started dancing kizomba around 2010 in Poland. Since then, access to good information about kizomba and Angolan culture in general got a bit better, but still there’s an awful lot of marketing chaff burying the real thing. For a few years we published short educative posts in Facebook and Instagram, but it’s not the best place for educative content! So as we discover interesting stuff we’ll publish it here; hopefully we can save others the digging time.


Some of these posts started life as an answer to a question someone asked. So if you have a question of your own, or are curious about something in particular, let us know! You can find me at horacio at discoveringkizomba dot com.

Please also let us know if you have any event or class with at least 50% kizomba to publicize in Brisbane or around (no, ghetto zouk doesn’t count 😉). We’ll do our best to help.


Maddie and I rarely give periodic classes; if anything pops up, we advertise it in the “Brisbane Semba & Kizomba” Facebook group or in our page. In Brisbane we recommend Séverine Coulanges‘ and Dana Dobrota‘s classes and workshops.

We do private classes, but we think that they’re of little use if you’re not actually practicing dancing in a real kizomba party 😉.